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Welcome to Holbrook Campground

Join Us For
July 12-21, 2024




For Our 186th Year Of Camp Meeting July 12th - 21st

  • Service Nightly

  • Daily & Preaching

  • Congregational Singing

  • Special Music Each Service

Daily Services

Singing Prayer And Preaching

Begins Friday evening the 12th at 8pm and concludes Sunday afternoon the 21st.

11:00 Am Morning Service

Please join us for our Morning Service starting at 11:00 Am

Hymn Singing - Special Music - Preaching Prayer Every Morning 

3:00 Pm Afternoon

Prayer Service

Mid Day Prayer Service daily at 3:00 Pm

Hosted by the Bennett Family in Tent 42 

If you have a Prayer Request their will be a wooden box in the Arbor at the Alter please place it in the box or you can Email it to

8:00 Pm Evening Service

Please join us for our Evening Service starting at 8:00 Pm 

Hymn Singing - Special Music - Preaching Prayer Every Evening 

About Holbrook Campground

Since 1838 fellow Christians have made an annual pilgrimage to Holbrook Campground for 10 days of prayer, preaching, hymn singing, and fellowship. The first gathering was held in 1838 when a group of people who were probably members of several local churches came together to hold campmeeting. Then in 1839 Jesse C. Holbrook, who was a blacksmith, received 40 acres of land in exchange for shoeing a man's horse with nails and shoes. Jesse C. Holbrook then donated the 40 acres to the Methodist Conference to be used as a campground.

In the very beginning, the services were held in the open under the trees. Later a brush arbor was contructed, but it was soon too small. The next arbor was a gable-type arbor, but it was severely damaged in a storm in 1889. The present arbor was built in 1890 and still stands today encircled by 53 cabins. Another 19 cabins form a half-circle outside of the full circle of cabins. The original campers came in wagons accompanied by their cow and chickens. Water was gathered from wells and a spring located on the property. As time passed, some of the campers built cabins or "tents" as most people call them.

Today the cabins are still referred to as "tents" even though most of the original cabins have been replaced. The cabins today range from small buildings with sawdust floors and one bathroom to wooden floors, several bedrooms and even air conditioning!

Don't feel as if you need a "tent" to come and join in the fellowship.

All are welcome to come and experience a spiritual renewal through music and the hearing of the gospel in this sacred place

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